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Your life is always in motion…now your jewelry can reflect the constant movement and beauty that you live everyday! TEUFEL designs motion jewelry, that is to say jewelry that moves. Integrated into the design of their rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets are elements that swirl, spin, or move in other ways. This eye-catching motion allows the gems to dance in the light more and create dazzling plays of light.

These designs are also called Swinger Rings® and TEUFEL has been making them since 1971 in their California factory. All aspects of the design process, from concept to finished jewelry, are done in that factory in California and the family owned and operated company is very proud that they do not outsource any part of their creations.

The company was originally formed by Norman Teufel in 1971 when he developed the original Swinger Rings® using stainless steel ball bearings to design this innovative, in-motion fine jewelry. From the very beginning, the design was a hit and came with professional accolades. For example, Norman won the DeBeers Diamonds International Award in 1975 and continued to win 4 Diamonds Today Awards through 1981. In 1991, Norman Teufel retired and his son Cameron Teufel carried the company into its second generation. Currently, it remains a family business dedicated to high quality, hand-crafted jewelry.

Swinger Rings® are safe to wear everyday and are engineered to be worn frequently. TEUFEL uses a stainless steel center shaft for durability and stainless steel ball bearings. The rings are then precision engineered with a counter balance to create a fluid movement. Care for and clean them just like you would any of your other fine jewelry.

Designs include round, moon, pyramid, nature, horseshoe, and the Conundrum Collection. The jewelry is made of 14kt white gold and/or 14kt yellow gold, accented with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, and citrine.
Even though TEUFEL jewelry is fun to wear, there is one thing about it that is very, very serious. That part is the company's unrelenting commitment to quality and perfection. We at Diamonds 'n Dunes are very happy to carry this fun, fine jewelry for our customers in and around the Kitty Hawk, NC area.

Here on this page, you can see some examples of the wonderfully unique Swinger Rings® design. However, to really understand and appreciate this delightful jewelry, we invite you to visit Diamonds 'n Dunes. One of our friendly and trained jewelry consultants is ready to show you how these designs work and help you select the right one for your own personal jewelry collection or to make a special gift.
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