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Are you looking for jewelry inspired directly by nature? You don't have to look any further than Galatea at Diamonds 'n Dunes Jewelers on the Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk. With innovative designs such as the Diamond in a Pearl and the Davinchi Cut, Galatea encourages nature to influence its designers. By taking already gorgeous elements such as pearls, diamonds, and gold and exploring new possibilities and combinations, Galatea has fostered an environment of creativity and growth. Their designs honor the natural world all around us and help to create the unique jewelry that Galatea has become world-famous for.

Chi Galatea Huynh, intriguing designer for Galatea, began his jewelry career at a young age when he started apprenticing to his father – a master jeweler in their home country. Huynh took this honor quite seriously, performing tasks like cleaning, sweeping, and creating many rings only to be told to melt them down and try again because they weren't round enough. Gradually, Chi became a respected and talented designer in his own rite and created Galatea as a way to develop his adoration of nature and jewelry.

The most well known Galatea design is the Diamond in a Pearl. It is not just a unique creation by creative designer Chi Galatea Huynh – the Diamond in a Pearl also makes the perfect metaphor for love. A pearl is made when foreign object like a grain of sand is swallowed by an oyster. The oyster creates a coat of nacre – the substance pearls are made of – around the object to alleviate the discomfort felt by having a foreign object inside it. During this healing process of layered nacre, a gorgeous pearl is created.

Similarly, in love there are often tough times. It takes determination and nurturing to get through those troubling times. When you face these rough times together, the bonds of love are strengthened and something beautiful and unique is reinforced. The diamond represents the grain of sand and the pearl evokes a delicate sense of courage and healing.

With such a strong correlation to love, the diamond in a pearl and the jewelry in this collection make a wonderful gift for a special woman in your life. If you tell her why you bought it for her, we're sure you'll score many points as well for being so sensitive and sentimental.

Galatea is incredibly selective about its authorized retailers, so we at Diamonds 'n Dunes Jewelers on the Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk, NC are very pleased to be named an authorized Galatea retailer. We invite you in to look at our Galatea selection today!

Citrine DavinChi Cut Pendant by Galatea

Item SKU: 001-230-02883

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