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Denny Wong
Denny Wong is an award-winning designer who began designing jewelry in 1981. His island-inspired sea life jewelry is renowned for having exquisite workmanship, detail, and quality. Using only exceptionally fine materials, Denny's innovative jewelry creations have won many awards and have also been featured in numerous international print publications.

Since 1974, Denny has lived in Hawaii and by combining his passion for jewelry design with his love of the islands where he lives, he has created many unique, memorable jewelry pieces that act as both an homage to Hawaii and to Denny's skills as a designer. We at Diamonds n Dunes Jewelers are quite pleased to carry collections from this incredibly skilled island designer. The tropical, beachy themes Denny covers are perfectly suited to our community here at Diamonds 'n Dunes Jewelers on the Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Denny Wong uses Hawaiian island and sea life as inspiration for his exquisite jewelry in his collections like Color Gem, Deep Blue Treasure, Tropical Memories, and Fantasy Island. The Color Gem collection features vivid, eye-catching designs made with stones like citrine, moonstone, tanzanite, blue topaz, pink sapphire, green tourmaline, and amethyst. The effect is a line that's boldly modern with classical flourishes.

In the Deep Blue Treasure collection, Denny uses deep blue opal, aquamarine, freshwater and Tahitian pearls, pink tourmaline, peridot, iolite, yellow citrine, and amethyst along with 18kt white and 18kt yellow gold to evoke the translucent, vibrant colors of the ocean and its inhabitants. The Tropical Memories collection features flowers of the islands expertly rendered in gold with precious gemstone accents. Fantasy Island perfectly captures the whimsical nature of the tiny island inhabitants such as the dragonfly, beetle, and bee using gold and gemstones to bring these creatures to life in an artistic and vibrant way.

All Denny Wong Jewelry comes with a full lifetime guarantee. If any Denny Wong Jewelry is if broken or lost due to defective craftsmanship or materials, the jewelry will be replaced or repaired without charge. Simply return the jewelry to Diamonds n Dunes Jewelers (as long as it was originally purchased here) and we'll take care of the rest.

On this page, you can see some of the jewelry we carry by this creatively gifted designer but to truly appreciate the beauty of Denny's designs, you have to see them in person. His skill and precision are nothing short of incredible and when you wear a piece of Denny Wong jewelry, you know you're truly wearing a work of art.
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